Frequently Asked Questions

Iím a new speaker without a topic, product, or program. How can SRC help me?
SRC can help you earn money by acting as a referral agent for experienced speakers and helping us promote the network. The Professional Speaker Show will give you the inside information you need to select your topic, construct your platform and build your value proposition. By the time you are ready to launch, you could have a host of other members willing and ready to offer you referrals. This is a process that has historically taken 5-7 years.
I donít have a database of corporate contacts to refer other speakers, so how I can earn money in SRC?
You donít need corporate contacts or any kind of database to refer other speakers, all you need is a list of people you know personally and professionally. Whether through your Rolodex or Christmas card list, all you need is one person the speaker can contact to begin to navigate what may be 4-5 degrees of separation between the original contact and the economic buyer. Your role is to offer the original contact, and the speakerís role is to follow the trail to the economic buyer. Even if this process requires the speaker to contact a dozen people before reaching the actual buyer, you are paid the full commission for supplying the original and most important lead in the chain, even if your original contact is the guy or gal that cuts your hair or cleans your house and the economic buyer at the end of the chain is a Fortune 500 executive. SRC is based on the premise that most of us are only a few degrees of separation from anyone we wish to connect to.
I donít know any speakers or trainers to promote the SRC website, so how can I earn money promoting SRC?
You donít need to know anyone in order to promote SRC. All you need is an internet connection and an email address. Professional speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants are very public and easy to find. Most of them have websites with contact information and will be happy to hear from you. The average professional speaker earns $21,500 USD per year. 90% of full time speakers earn less than $75,000 USD per year, and most are always looking for business. This is a business where most people struggle to make ends meet while the market potential is almost limitless. In this post great recession economy, corporations are experiencing more problems than ever while sitting on nearly two trillion dollars in collective liquid assets. This combination matches the need for intelligent and creative thought leaders with an organizations ability to pay for these professionals to offer solutions and partial solutions to new and increasingly complex problems. Using the SRC marketing system and SRC Deal Manager for making and tracking your speaker contacts will give you the edge you need to locate and recruit speakers to use the SRC system. There are hundreds of thousands of prospects around the world to contact, and millions more in the extended markets. (such as retirees and baby boomers looking for a new career)
Will I have the opportunity to have my products sold through SRC?
As a member of SRC, you will have the opportunity to submit your products and programs to be evaluated by our review committee for possible inclusion in the SRC store and commissioned through the SRC compensation plan.
If I join SRC, am I guaranteed to get leads for business?
No. SRC is a paid referral platform designed to connect you to other speakers and referral agents who may or may not be willing to do business with you. The good news is both speakers and referral agents have something to gain by working together. The more deals you do, the more money you make.
How much money can I make with SRC?
You can make money in SRC by converting leads you receive from referral agents into speaking, training coaching and consulting business; earning commissions through referring others; and by promoting the SRC website and business opportunity. How much you earn is based on how successful you become in these endeavors.
Do I have to be involved in the network marketing side of SRC to be a member and use the website?
Absolutely not. Most SRC members are speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants who simply want to be more successful and live their speakers dream. While itís a worthy profession, few of us aspire to be professional network marketers. The purpose of the network marketing side of SRC is to expand the network around the world in order to create more speaking related business opportunities for our members. The fastest way to do this is through network marketing, where people are heavily incentivized to sell SRC memberships, products and events and promote the business opportunity of selling SRC memberships, products and events.
How much does it cost to join SRC?
The monthly membership fee for 24/7 access to the SRC website is $27.00/Month, no enrollment fee. If you want to take advantage of the SRC Fast Start Bonus Program, you pay $497.00 (one-time fee for Fast Start Product) and $27.00/Month. SRC is a monthly membership and you can quit anytime.
Iím already an experienced speaker making serious money. How can I benefit from SRC?
If youíre interested in raising your fees and making more money, the fastest way to do it is to increase the size of your business pipeline. Most 7-figure speakers always have 10-12 deals pending in the pipeline. This gives them the confidence and financial stability to increase their fees and only accept the most attractive and profitable deals. You can also build additional income streams by referring other non-competing speakers to your extensive client network, as well as by promoting SRC to fellow speakers. If you have successful high margin products and programs already on the market or in development, you are welcome to submit them to the SRC review committee for possible inclusion in the SRC store and commissioned through the SRC compensation plan.
How much speaking will I be able to do if I become a leader in SRC?
As much or little as you wish. SRC leaders have the option of speaking at weekly SRC opportunity meetings held across the United States, Canada, and around the world. You could literally be speaking at hotel meetings almost every night of the week.


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