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If youíre interested in building an army of referral agents and generating more leads than you can handle, youíve come to the right place. The SRC Deal Maker and Deal Manager will help you generate new contacts and new business. The Professional Speaker Show will give you access to dozens of hours of video training in the art and business of professional speaking. Used as the foundation of your marketing plan, these world-class products give you an unfair advantage over your competition. Additionally, if you decide to help us grow SRC, you have the opportunity to build another revenue stream that pays both weekly and monthly commissions while helping you develop an ongoing residual income.

For over sixty years the professional speaking industry has been dominated by small businesses operating independently with a small fraction of them connecting through various non-profit industry associations. While these connections are worthwhile, they rarely lead to generating actual paid speaking, training, consulting and coaching business. Many of these groups are politically motivated and famous for rewarding and recognizing people based on their association to the current faction in power in place of pure business success. SRC is neither politically motivated nor interested in rewarding people on any merit other than success. SRC is a network of speakers who have come to the conclusion that they are more likely to succeed together than on their own. SRC members are able to leverage one anotherís contacts and credibility for mutual profit in the spirit of pure capitalism and value for value exchange. Members are recognized and rewarded based on their level of success, whether they are the most or least popular member of the network, whether they have seniority or are brand new, and regardless of their professional designations or political connections.

SRC is a performance-based paid referral network for aggressive, independent minded, speaking, training, coaching and consulting professionals who have banded together to unapologetically advance their own self-interests within a system that rewards them financially for helping others do the same. SRC members have the freedom to select or reject any potential referral partner, industry vendor or speaker they choose and are encouraged to pursue these relationships to maximize their own profits. SRC as an entity exists solely for the purpose of providing an economically sound, profit-driven platform that our members can leverage to build their business, whether that includes clients down the block or around the world.

Steve Siebold
Speakers Referral Club
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Steve Siebold

Speakers Referral Club: The Concept

The Speakers Referral Club concept of paid referral marketing was conceived during the crisis that paralyzed the industry after the 9/11 terrorist attack on America. Conventions were canceled; meetings were put on hold and airline travel restricted. Professional speaker Steve Siebold had 12 employees to feed, $60,000/month in business overhead and a file cabinet of canceled contracts. Out of desperation, he began calling everyone he knew and offering them a percentage of any business that developed from leads they gave him. He created a one-page contract and faxed each referral partner a copy. In less than eight months, Steve landed speaking, training and consulting contracts in twenty-eight Fortune 500 companies directly from these referrals that generated over one million dollars in revenue, paying out $110,000 in commissions. The business from these referrals made Steve Siebold one of the most successful non-celebrity professional speakers in the world.

After being interviewed about this street-savvy marketing strategy in speaking circles for many years, in 2009 Steve launched the Speakers Referral Club for the purpose of building an international coalition of speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants who band together at live events to showcase their skills and sign contracts with others who wish to act as a referral agent. Three live events were held in Atlanta over an 18 month period with 162 speakers in total attendance. The average speaker walked away with 33 referral contracts that yielded 8-10 referrals per contract. Over two million dollars in business was closed as a result of these deals.

In 2010, Steve and Siebold Network Chief Operating Officer Dawn Andrews (Also Steveís wife) conducted a feasibility study for a massive expansion of SRC. The original study was to see if speakers and trainers would be motivated to promote SRC to other speakers through a two-tier affiliate program. The speaking community responded with a collective yawn and the study failed to generate serious interest. Steve and Dawn went back to the drawing board and decided to conduct a second feasibility study replacing the affiliate idea with a robust, ultra-aggressive multi-level compensation plan. Speakers and trainers responded enthusiastically from all over the world and in December 2010 preparations began for the pre-launch founders meeting to be held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on March 19, 2011.

110 speakers and trainers, from as far away as China, Australia, England, Germany, and Singapore flew in to become founding members.

The vision of the Speakers Referral Club is to create the largest professional speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants coalition in the world in order to leverage our collective contacts, credibility and distribution channels through paid referrals.
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Dawn Siebold

Speakers Referral Club: Overview


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